FW Blog #3

Dare to be different

 by FashionWear owner Lisa Lieberman

  We travel extensively in order to find unique fashion options. We offer design, love for details, and creativity through our own fashion brand “FW Collection”.

Our service to our clients is the 1stpriority. We offer all forms of loyalty programs and events with numerous give-aways and contest prizes. We also make it easy for our loyal clients to engage with us through our social media platforms as well as through our 2 websites. We do all that plus more… Why? Because we dare to be different.

  We trust our FW Team to represent FashionWear with honesty and sincerity, and to create a positive community centered on fashion and individuality. To succeed we need to be different.We need to give our clients that customized experience that they deserve, while helping to guide and develop our client’s personal style. But we have a small request in return. That they trust us to also practice the “Dare to be different” approach in their buying. To consider changing their fashion mindset and seek inspiration when we propose certain looks or styles that we feel would compliment them. A client may have a specific “color” or “size” or “style” in mind, but the reality is that our experienced team can objectively give her styling options that just may look amazing on her regardless if these options are not in her “color”, “size” or “style”.

  Dare to be different and open your mind. When your stylist suggests certain looks, take the time and try it on. You may be pleasantly surprised. You may just realize that there are other colors that suit you beautifully, or find out that many companies do not have the same size standards, or that you look amazing in certain styles that you didn’t think would look good on you. Happy shopping!!!


With Love & Serenity,


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