FW Blog #5


Juggling life and effectively managing our precious time...

by FashionWear owner Lisa Lieberman

  A little overwhelmed lately but happy to be back connecting with you all. Who hasn’t been a little overwhelmed at one time or another? To get through it I needed to choose my priorities. Isn’t that the solution when time is so precious and we’re juggling so many aspects of our lives? Most circus jugglers deal with objects that are equal in size which makes juggling easier, but life juggling is different and more complicated as each responsibility requires a distinct focus depending on the importance at that moment.

  Running around on buying trips for FashionWear and supporting my daughter’s wedding which took place last weekend were my priorities. Now that the buying trips are behind me and my daughter is enjoying a relaxing honeymoon, I can take some precious time and devote it to other tasks at hand. Maybe I can even “steal” some time for myself.

  As a multi-tasker, my priorities were only 2 of many on my “to-do” list. I’m no different than many of you, so you know that every day it’s time-management time. I’m not going to pretend that I know how to manage my own time properly, never mind giving advice on how to do it. There are many great articles online by experts who can help all of us. No, my point is that we are so consumed with giving out our time that we often neglect ourselves. We must never forget to take care of number one, You and Me.

  As we deal or struggle with family-work-life issues, we absolutely need to include ourselves as a top priority. On airlines, we are always reminded that in case of emergency we need to place the oxygen mask over our own mouths before helping a child. That child is counting on you, and if you’re unconscious then that child will also be affected. That is also true in everyday life. If we are too pre-occupied with a life that doesn’t include some TLC for YOU, then a routine of managing a variety of multiple roles, including family, will suffer.

  Take care of You. You need to be at your healthiest best. Embrace the people that make you happy, be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. Stay away from the noise and haste, allow yourself some quiet time filled with serenity and peace. Reach out to family and friends that can help you nurture your strength of spirit and stay away from loud and aggressive people. When you do find that “me time”, don’t use it up with your buddy “Smartphone”. Put Miss Smartphone aside and do something for yourself, like grab a bite where someone cooks for you, take that class you’ve always thought about, go to the theatre or catch a movie, read that book you’ve been meaning to devour, or shop at your fave fashion boutique, FashionWear! Just find a place where they appreciate your precious time, where you feel right, where you can have fun and where you can relax and be your beautiful self.

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