FW Blog #4 It's SHOWTIME...



 by FashionWear owner Lisa Lieberman

  It’s 32°and sunny and I just walked into my store Boutique FashionWear at The Promenades Hudson in Quebec. From early morning until early afternoon, we were presented the Joseph Ribkoff Spring/Summer collections trending in 2020. What?! That’s right…We are expected to make genius decisions 6 to 9 months in advance selecting the fashion trends that we are hopeful our clients will love.

  Next week I’ll be at FashionWear Thornhill, Ont. I wish I could just spend more time in store at the boutique, but this trip is about the upcoming market weeks and buying time. Walking hours on end at 3 different shows… again shopping for the ultimate trends. This is not easy ladies! It’s a lot of work and speculation, and if you are wrong in your predictions... you may not last a season and it can affect your entire business.

  Thanks to my trusting and loyal clientele, most of which have been shopping with me for decades, I am in a better position to forecast successfully. What also helps is my fashion background of more than 30 years .My fashion instinct screams at me to BUY or… NOT to buy.

  Once we’re done with Toronto, it’s off to Las Vegas we GO!  Sherri (my Toronto manager & buyer) and I hit FASHION WEEK in VEGAS…Yay! Yippeee!...Wait!! Not so much. Many many hours of walking the shows picking from thousands of exhibitors that represent not only the American garment industry but the International markets as well. From early morning to evening we’re constantly asking the questions…Which trends to follow? What styles to carry? Will our clients like this colour? What’s hot and what’s not? It’s up to us to choose those winners!!!

  I work so hard and travel to many markets seeking and purchasing collections that I think will be popular, but it’s not enough. In order to fill a void of styles that are very different and exclusive, I launched the “FW Collection” about 9 years ago. I created this label as it truly reflects the unique image of FashionWear. We monitor purchase attitudes and behaviours and then collaborate with some of the most well-respected producers in the industry in order to create styles and looks that ladies wouldn’t find elsewhere. This strategy has resulted in stronger customer recognition, respect, and loyalty to this exclusive unique label.

  With help from the FW Teams in both Montreal and Toronto and with the stamina from my manager/buyer Sherri, our buying has been more specifically catered to our stores. In order to allow ourselves to expand and be sharper with our selections, we need to stay true to our brand and continue to listen and learn from our customers. We feel them and have our fingers on their fashion pulse.

  Please send me your feedback. Let me know what we can do better. While we are doing the shows and market weeks these upcoming weeks, let me know if you have specific requests or suggestions for our boutiques.

  I would love to hear from as many of you as possible. Be sure to stay tuned to our SOCIAL MEDIA (see links below) during our buying trips as we often turn to YOU for guidance and opinions.

We always appreciate you taking the time to shop with us and your voice is appreciated!

With Love & Serenity,


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