About us

At FashionWear, we offer the most up-to-date and unique womens fashions, shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewelry!

In 1990 owner Lisa Lieberman Yadgard began her career as a fashion consultant. Taking this passion on the road throughout Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, resulted in a foundation of faithful clients of women to over 10K!  

In 2009, she opened Boutique FashionWear in Promenades Hudson just west of Montreal, and then in 2011 a second store FashionWear on Disera Drive in SmartCentres Thornhill, just north of Toronto. 

In June of 2016, FashionWear's online www.fashionwearcanada.com.was created to allow an unlimited world wide client base to connect to our FashionWear boutiques,

FashionWear's social media presence is both very active and successful with over 22K "followers" on Instagram and Facebook as well as Pinterest and YouTube!

   "It’s very rewarding to have my loyal clients connect and appreciate my selection in fashion. I concentrate on the quality of fabrics and style with the attention to the quality of workmanship, durability of fabrics, and the most up to date fashions. These timeless pieces are perfectly catered for the modern women with busy lifestyles and for those who appreciate flattering clothing specializing in an amazing fit and superb comfort and easy maintenance".

We also carry the most amazing fitting pant/jean collections on the market and we challenge you to TRY ON A PAIR TODAY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

The FW team is aware that women have busy schedules juggling work, family and other commitments. When our client stops and takes the time for herself to shop with us, we take nothing for granted and we value her precious time. We take pride in knowing that over the years our customers are loyal, satisfied, and trust us to provide them with a quality and honest one-on-one shopping experience. We look forward to helping them find their style personality and we are  honoured to share both boutiques and our online platform with everyone.


FW Collection - The FW Collection label was established 8 years ago in order to create a brand that truly reflected the unique image that FashionWear was all about. Although Lisa traveled to many destinations in search of the most unique fashions, she still needed to offer certain trends that were lacking on the market. Based on consumer purchase attitudes and behaviors, Lisa collaborated with some of the most well-respected producers in the world and created styles and looks that ladies wouldn't easily find elsewhere. This strategic partnership has resulted in stronger customer recognition, respect and loyalty to the "FW Collection" brand.

"In order to allow ourselves to expand our selection, we need to stay true to our brand and continue to listen and learn from our customers. We take pride in every product that we develop so we ensure that no product is released until we are satisfied with the finest standards."


Fashion for the Unforgettable Woman

The Frank Lyman Collection is inspired by the daring, confident and unforgettable woman. Without claiming to be perfect, she embraces herself, adopts her own style and wears it with confidence. She is not defined by her age, rather by her charisma. Her fashion embraces her curves and her pace of life. Her clothes are at the same time comfortable, fit and practical, but just as fanciful, because everything is played in the details. Our muses are proud to be unique and we love their little “je ne sais quoi”, so Montréal!

The collections are built around key wardrobe essentials. The ‘Made in Canada’ label is important in our marketing because Canada is well recognized for its quality of confection in the fashion industry.”


EsQualo's collections are carefully developed. The items are refined and have a comfortable fit. The collections are based on the latest trends, in which colourful eye-catchers are alternated with indispensable basics. The collections consist of rich fabrics, knits and natural materials. In addition, EsQualo is known for its innovative prints, which gives each collection a unique and on-trend look.

The distinctive prints in combination with the rich materials and the eye for detail make EsQualo unique. From a perfectly cut blazer to a chunky knitted cardigan. From a bohemian dress to a classy shift dress. From a crispy white blouse to an oversized T-shirt. An outfit for the office, casual on the town, trendy going for a drink or going all out for a party? You can endlessly mix and match the EsQualo items to create the perfect outfit for any occasion.



Our #1 jean collection...Liverpool! This collection is worn by a beautiful and diverse range of women – tens of thousands of you in all shapes, lifestyles and stages of life. What we see from you every day is that style transcends generations, and we think that’s worth celebrating. SHOP HERE!





Bali Corp - Bali, a Montreal based family owned business, has been successfully dressing women throughout Canada and the United States for nearly 3 decades with fashionable and affordable styling. Manufactured 100% in Montreal facilitates control of fit, quality and delivery. With an eye on detail this collection offers a wide range of styles suitable for every day, career and weekend wearSHOP NOW!



YEST - Yest Clothing has your up-to-date and latest fashion trends, that are both spontaneous and affordable. Fashions for the trend conscious woman who wants to dress stylish and comfortable. Yest provides a unique, complete collection of items for every new season. From chic dresses, fabulous blouses or on trend tunics. Yest is a wonderful brand which keeps individuality, quality and design at the heart of all they create.


Fresh FX - It's time to get fresh...Fresh FX® collection of novelty tops and separates combines of-the-moment styling with a superb fit for the contemporary woman. Designs created by combining youthful styling and a comfortable fit while flattering your shape to reveal-and-conceal in all the right places. Women with a forever young attitude love the Freosh FX® innovative and timeless designs that continue to look stylish season after season.