FW Blog #6

Focus On The Journey...

by FashionWear owner Lisa Lieberman

   Not too long ago my husband Dave and I were out and about exploring some mesas and buttes in Sedona, Arizona. As we were peering down at our map trying to decide which path to hike, a young lady looking amazing in a fashionable track suit and realizing our dilemma, declared with such zeal… “It doesn’t really matter which path you choose…it’s more about the journey and not about the destination” and then she walked away. We looked at each other and we both realized how true that was and proceeded to the nearest hiking trail and experienced an incredible journey along an amazing path.

   Life is like that trail we took. Life should be about the journey and not about the destination. In life we often make plans with certain objectives in mind and focus our attention on achieving success in fulfilling these sometimes-unrealistic goals. Whether we outline clear and manageable goals which affords us the opportunity to chart our progress more effectively or follow a path of unrealistic goals, what we find is that the outcome may not be as significant as the journey itself.

   Don’t give up on your dreams and your goals. It’s good to be ambitious and it’s great to want to accomplish enormous things in your life. The key, however, is simply finding the right balance, discovering a mindset that allows us to focus on destinations and pursue our goals but without sacrificing the “little things” that uncover who we truly are and about the joy and happiness that we experience on our own journeys. Savour every moment of each day and enjoy every part of life. When we rush through the journey well worth exploring, we miss the beauty life has to offer in the moment. Focus on the experience of the present. Journey is about growth. It’s about living. It’s about learning. It’s about strengthening our character.

  I often feel that the older I get time seems to pass by more quickly. Routine is often the culprit. As adults, we experience fewer unfamiliar moments and it seems time knows how our routine will end even before our journey begins. This phenomenon makes our lives feel busy and rushed. We need to slow down by taking time to reflect and learn new skills and ideas and explore new places. Getaways are not routine and taking much needed time forces you to slow down and it then seems time will accompany you all the way on your journey.

  If you “stop and smell the roses” along your journey, your experiences will be savoured, and life will be more fulfilling. Take “your” time and slow down so time slows down along your journey.

  To put things in perspective, a five-year period a child experiences between the ages of five and ten could feel just as long as an adult will experience between the ages of 40 and 80... Time flies and it’s flying faster and faster every day. Enjoy the paths along your journey. Don’t worry and get overwhelmed about the destination. Things have a way of working out. Be yourself and have faith that your journey is what matters.

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