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No shame in being beautiful!

 by FashionWear owner Lisa Lieberman

  Triangle, apple, pear, curvy, hourglass, inverted triangle, athletic, rectangle, spoon, round, top hourglass, bottom hourglass, oval, diamond, straight, banana, ruler, figure eight. What you ask is today’s blog about...It’s all about body types and the above list includes some of the common body types women need to contend with every day. Imagine having to design a collection that can appease all of them…Impossible! So, what to do? 

  First thing you do…Accept the fact that there is no “ideal” or “most desirable” or “average” or “typical” body type. This is true regardless of the cultural ideals that have developed and continue to exert influence over how a woman relates to her own body, as well as how others in her society may perceive and treat her.

  It’s time to throw out that shame and anxiety. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s part of what makes each of us unique. The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy. Whatever body shape you have, just remember…You are beautiful.

  When it comes to fashion, women are more progressive and individualistic than men and pretty much dress as they like or feel that day. They allow themselves to look beautiful, sexy, colourful and free, and that is exactly what designers aim for. Designers give us options to convey our personality through fashion. They allow our bodies to speak through colour, material and style. It’s a wonderful thing being a girl and having so many options in clothing.

  So many style options also cause fashion confusion and the last thing you want to do is walk into a store that does not understand your body type or your fashion needs. It’s really worth making the effort to find the consultant that has that knowledge and one you can trust.

  Our FashionWear consultants have the necessary experience with many body types and can help you avoid overbuying or stuffing your closet with things that don’t quite work. Once a consultant gets to know you and your lifestyle, you can be guided in developing your personal style in choosing pieces that will fit and flatter to wear in comfort and confidence.

  Don’t blame your body! Don’t be intimidated by fashion! Have fun shopping and enjoy your individuality! Understand your uniqueness and walk with confidence, no matter what fruit/geometric body type you are.

With Love & Serenity,


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